Tilts, Twirls and just Hanging On

From left, J.J. Witherow,12, of Manteno, T.J. Christensen,12, of Manteno and R.J. Jackson,12, of Manteno ride one of the many rides that went straight up in the air while going in a complete circle around at the Manteno Oktoberfest in Manteno,Illinois on Saturday afternoon, September 23.

Max Aicher,8, of Manteno is over 20 feet in the air walking the ropes on the "Fear Factory" rope climbing and rope walking activity at the Manteno Oktoberfest in Manteno. (Picture Above)

(Picture Below) Aaron Ewerdt of Waupun, Wisconsin does his 14th rep on the 495 pound weights as the audience cheers him on at the Manteno Oktoberfest.

Emily Schieren, 9, of Manteno and Jessica Mueller,9, of Manteno enjoy the Tilt-A-Whirl at the Manteno Oktoberfest in Manteno.


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