Disaster Drill

The annual disaster drill was held for Kankakee County over the weekend (October 21) and the photographers got to go all day and take pictures at each of the locations. The scenerio was that a tornado had ripped through Kankakee County, injuring and killing over 100-200 people that were gathered at an event that just happened to be in the way of the tornado.

Ambulances transported over a 100 people to the hospital I was "stationed" at (Riverside Hosital) and then I attended a huge press conference later in the day, followed by taking pictures of the "dead/injured victims" eating lunch and hanging out later. The drill was to prepare hositals and the city in case of a real emergency, and was pretty much a "photo playground" for us photographers (slideshow will be up later next week at daily-journal/multimedia.com)


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